Sega Invades PS2 Part 2

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The commotion and clamor that followed Sega’s exciting (if hardly surprising) announcement that it plans to develop for the “other” consoles has subsided somewhat, and new details are beginning to come to light. No huge surprises, but if anything, it’s clear that Sega’s statements yesterday and today have set the industry alight with even more rumor and speculation. Here’s what we’ve been able to sort out.

Have you seen this hedgehog? Sure you have — he’s coming to the PSOne in his own, speedy fashion.
Yesterday’s biggest news was the announcement that Sega’s in-house team AM2 is hard at work on a fourth Virtua Fighter game — thought to be Virtua Fighter X. While a new 3D fighter bearing the Virtua Fighter 4 name is indeed coming to the PS2, there seems to be some confusion whether this is indeed the same game as VFX. The latest reports suggest that X is the moniker that will be attached to the upcoming arcade fighter, which runs on the Naomi 2 board architecture. According to Sega, VFX and VF4 will be different, if similar, titles — how different, we’ll have to wait and see. The other bit of Virtua Fighter news — that number four would be a PS2 exclusive — seems to be in question as well. While it’s only been announced for the PS2 so far, reports suggest that Sony’s lock on this surefire top seller is pending on an agreement between Sega and Microsoft and maybe even Nintendo. Perhaps Xbox owners will be able to play Virtua Fighter 4X this year?

While its 2K3 series of sports titles has already been confirmed for the PS2, Sega announced this morning that its NBA, NFL and NHL franchises will likely be heading to other consoles, as well. Undoubtedly feeling the pressure of an impending challenge, sports game juggernaut EA was quick to respond; EA President John Riccitiello was quoted as harshly criticizing Sega’s intent to enter the market and challenge its sports games stranglehold. Said Riccitiello: “They’re starting from scratch; it’s not quite as though this is GM saying we’ll make BMWs, but it’s the same kind of proposition. They may look like BMWs, but I doubt if they’ll drive like BMWs.” Strong words, but as we’ve said, Sega’s considerable experience with the genre is sure to keep EA’s developers working hard to outdo themselves — and the competition.

Making sure to cover all of its genre bases, Sega has also mentioned that it will be bringing out not one, but two versions of the affable sci-fi dancer Space Channel 5. One should be a straight port of the Dreamcast version, while the second will be a sequel — presumably, it was already in the works anyway, as Ulala’s sassy moves and sassier duds have fast put her into the mascot mainstream.

Less tangible, but quite possibly far more interesting, is the news that Sony is in talks with Sega about adopting and augmenting its online videogaming strategy. While no official statement has been made, Sony would benefit greatly from Sega’s online experience, and such a move would only be good news for PS2 owners eager to get their game on with the rest of the world.

Two examples of how excellent game and character design can create memorable franchises, courtesy of Sega.
And finally, Sega’s deal with Acclaim has also been confirmed: Popular Sega titles 18 Wheeler Pro Trucker, Crazy Taxi and Zombie Revenge will all be making an appearance on the PS2 sometime after April. In other port news, the Saturn incarnation of Sonic the Hedgehog will be making the move to PSOne, along with several other, as yet unannounced Sega hits. This announcement came straight from Sega advisor Tetsu Kayama, who just yesterday assumed the position of Structural Reorganization Promoting Manager.

Of course, all of this excitement carries with it some bad news, too. Reports have it that Sega Europe has laid off all but one member of its third-party division, which implies that third-party development for the soon-to-be defunct Dreamcast will peter off and cease shortly. The tech support team has also been disbanded — clearly, Sega’s shift from hardware to software is a decisive one. Expect more big announcements in the coming weeks, and to enjoy a slew of first-rate games on the PSOne and PS2 in the coming year. More than those mentioned above about retro gaming, you can play Simcity Buildit with free Simcash & Simoleons at

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Microsoft Brings In Additional Security To Prevent SSL 3.0 Fallback

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With growing security concerns about the default browser in Windows operating systems, the Internet Explorer, Microsoft has come up with an anti-POODLE defense and announced that more protection would be available within two months.

SSL 3.0, which has been used as the standard method to encrypt traffic between web servers and browsers, is fast becoming vulnerable and the flaws in this standard had been revealed last month by Google security researchers. According to cyber security experts, this vulnerability could be exploited easily. The criminals first steal the session cookies of the users and then make use of it to impersonate the victims. They make use of the stolen cookies to first login to the websites and then use the details to make purchases, go through the email accounts and files stored in the cloud platform etc.

According to Microsoft help line blogs, with the latest update, Internet Explorer can now overcome the ‘SSL 3.0 fallback’ issue. The issue makes the browser initiate the use of SSL 3.0 rather than using the secure encryption methods like TLS 1.2. The new option can be set up by downloading a small application to the computer and by changing a few entries in the Windows Registry. Professionals can change the settings with the help of the Group Policy Editor. According to Microsoft help line, with the Feb 10, 2015 patch of the program, the IE11 troubles that lead to the fallback issue would be removed completely for majority of the websites.
Microsoft Support

Microsoft Online Technician

Now, Microsoft has not yet decided to stop the use of SSL 3.0 from its internet browser. Cyber security experts are still wondering why Microsoft is still holding on to this outdated security protocol, as majority of the browser developers have already avoided this protocol and have started using the advanced ones. Even though Apple has not avoided SSL 3.0 completely, this October, the company had decided to block the use of potentially vulnerable cryptographic ciphers in its internet browser, Safari. This security upgrade in PC can also benefit from those people how use Boom Beach generator accessed at This is one example of the advantage of having such feature.

Microsoft has always been conservative when it comes to browser issues. Its reluctance to kill the SSL 3.0 standard reflects this. However, with the rising concerns of security even in the gaming Platform Xbox for Fifa 17, it has become inevitable for the software giant to take necessary steps to strengthen the security of the browsers. Microsoft support blogs say that one of the reasons, which could be pulling back the software giant from avoiding SSL 3.0 completely, is that large number IE users run the browser with business settings and a sudden change in the protocol might create a lot of confusion and chaos in the business environment.

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How To Send Email Messages From Word — The Guide

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If you have used the Word program, you will know that the program has many features that can help you do a lot of things. Not only the users of the program will be able to make visually appealing and professional documents with the program, they will also be able to send the documents as attachments or email messages from the program without the need to open any other email program. Another feature of the Word program that many users do not know is that the users will be able to send out mass email campaigns from the Microsoft Word program making use of the mail merge feature.

Word has many great features and once you get know more on the features of the program, you will use the program to send email messages from the program itself. The Microsoft help line tips that are shared below will help you to know more on sending email messages from the Word program.


The steps to send out Word documents as email messages is simple and they can vary depending on the version of the Word program that you are using. You will need to make the document, and after finishing the document, you can cross check for any typographic errors and grammatical mistakes. You can then finalize the document by adding any graphics or additional data to it. Before starting the process to send the article, you will need to save it.
Microsoft Word Program

Windows Online Help

If you are using Word 2007, you will be able to send the document only as an attachment. This means that you will not be able to send the document as the body of an email message. You should note that in the previous versions of the program, it was possible to send the document as the body of the email message.

To send the document as an email attachment, Click on File, select Send to and then choose the Mail Recipient. You will then need to type in the email address into the To field, type in a subject that will let the receiver know what is in the message into the Subject field and then click on the Mail button.

These are the simple steps to send Microsoft Word documents as email messages. If you would like to know more on these steps, you can contact the Microsoft help line number for further assistance.

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Common Things That Most of Us Are Doing Wrong Everyday

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Things like eating, drinking, and breathing come naturally to us. We repeat these actions so often that we do them without thinking, so it’s hard to imagine that we’re not doing these things like we should. Here are everyday things that many of us are doing wrong.

Breaking In New Shoes
After buying new shoes, many of us will don them at home while we torture ourselves trying to break them in. This common method is not only long but it can be incredibly painful. Instead, we should wear a thick pair of socks prior to donning our new kicks and slipping them on. Then all that’s needed is a warm hairdryer. Aiming the hot air at your new shoes, begin by wiggling your toes and moving those feet around. Concentrating the heat on tighter spots on the shoes will help loosen them up quickly and painlessly. Keep the socks on until the shoes have cooled before trying them out.

Tooth Brushing
Like the commercials say, bad breath isn’t sexy. Oral hygiene has certainly improved over the years, but it’s another example of overdoing in today’s society. Dentist tell us we should be brushing our teeth at least twice a day and floss to battle cavities and gingivitis. While flossing is still recommended as it removes bacteria and food particles from between the teeth, apparently brushing too often maybe causing more harm than good. Eating food that is high in acidity can soft in the tooth enamel and brushing right after can strip that enamel and leave them vulnerable.

Being productive
Contrary to popular belief, it is actually impossible to truly multitask. While it may seem productive, it actually causes a constant low-level distraction that keeps us from being truly productive. The best way to remain productive is to focus on one task at a time taking short breaks to refocus. Our brains need time to relax between tasks in order to function at an optimal level. Working intensely for 30 minutes then taking a 10 minute break has been proven to be the most effective method.

Nowadays it seems like the majority of people suffer with issues revolving around sleep. Falling asleep, staying asleep, or not feeling well rested after sleep are all pretty common problems. We’re told that we need at least eight hours of sleep per night but the issue is that we’re not meant to have it all at once. Before the creation of artificial light, people would go to bed earlier and sleep for three to five hours, wake up for a few hours then sleep again. Our body still want to use that natural sleep cycle but artificial daylight and standardized work hours no longer allow for it leading people groggy and fatigue.

Peeling Potatoes
Anyone that has spent time in the kitchen knows that one of the most time-consuming chores is peeling potatoes, especially around the holidays when cooking for many people. Many of us peel the potatoes need to be peeled before they’re cooked. However, this easy method involves cutting a horizontal line around each potato before placing them in boiling water. Once the potatoes are cooked, they need to be drained, then run under cold water. Once slightly cool, the skin will just slide off.

While it may be hard to believe that doing something as natural as pooping has a right and wrong way. It’s true. We’ve enjoyed the comforts of indoor plumbing since the early 19th century when sitting toilets became more commonplace. While more convenient, these types of toilets are actually set at an inappropriate height which can lead a person to develop hemorrhoids and intestinal disease over time. According to proctologist, sitting down to defecate actually makes pooping more difficult. The most comfortable and effective way to poop is by squatting, either using a specialty toilet or a footstool while seated on a standard western toilet. Remember, humans once pooped while squatting in the woods and it is how our bodies preferred to be positioned.

Giving Birth
When giving birth, women are instructed to lay on their backs with their legs up while doctors and nurses yell push. However, according to several studies, this is actually one of the worst positions for giving birth. The practice was adopted by doctors to give them easier access to their patients but it has come with risk. It can be harmful to both mother and baby as the baby is fighting against gravity and it increases the risk of vaginal tearing. Studies show that allowing women to move around and find the position that feels most comfortable to them is the best method, especially if they are in a squatting position as it opens the pelvis by nearly ten percent.

We all know that sitting for long periods of time can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain, but what we didn’t know is that our bodies aren’t really built to sit in modern straight-backed chairs. Once upon a time, only people of authority were allowed to sit in chairs with backs, hence titles like chairman, while others knelt or sat on backless stools. When standing or sitting on backless chairs, our abdominal muscles are active supporting our spines and distributing out weight evenly. However with straight-backed chairs, those muscles relax and leave our spines to fully support everything on their own which puts extra stress and pressure contributing to back pain. Ideally we should be standing or sitting on backless chairs to reduce this stress.

Most rules of society tell us, we should be bathing everyday or at least every other day but lathering up with copious amounts of soap and hot water that often, may actually be causing more harm than good. Our bodies are covered in layers of skin and one layer known as the horny layer protects your skin from disease and bacteria. So, if someone showers every day, they are not allowing that protective layer of skin to repair, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria, tears and redness from irritation. So while there is no magic number of recommended showers per week, it’s important to give our skin time to heal and make sure that it’s moisturized.

How can we get something like free breathing wrong? Chances are unless it’s brought up, most people don’t even think about the fact that they are breathing. Take a conscious breath right now most of us probably lifted our shoulders ever so slightly and puffed up our chest a little before the breath was released. Seems natural since our lungs are located in our chest. And it turns out we should be breathing from a little lower down. The diaphragm, which rests under the lungs and sits closer to the stomach, aids in breathing, but since many of us breathe from higher in our chests, we are only using half of our lungs. This causes us to breathe more rapidly which can cause fatigue and headache. It is possible to retrain our brains to breathe from our abdomen, it just takes practice.

The last part is Gaming. Games are everywhere nowadays. It’s on mobile, PC, or console. Games like Pokemon Sun download is one of the most popular in the platform where Nintendo has been popular – 3DS.

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The Video Connection Test

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So, just how much does the video cable help or hurt your PS2 experience? Read on.

You’ve basically got four video options with PS2: the included composite cable, the RF adapter for old TVs, S-video, and component. In a laborious torture test, we tested each solution with a variety of games: We probably inserted and removed the cable in the back of the PS2 more times last night than you will in your entire life.

The games tested were Ridge Racer, Tekken Tag and (god help us) X-Squad, as well as the DVD of American Beauty. We only used one TV: a 27″ JVC D201, which is one of the most inexpensive TVs to offer component inputs. Warning: Your mileage and results may vary depending on the type of TV used. We tested the standard Sony composite cable (the one that comes with the system), the RF adapter, the Monster S-Video cable and the Pelican and Monster component cables.

Standard AV S-Video Optical Audio

We’re happy to report that the cable included with your PlayStation, the standard composite cable, works just fine. Games look good, and DVD movies look good too. So if you can’t spring for — or don’t have a TV that can support — a higher-quality connection, don’t kill yourself or anything.

If you’re forced to use an RF-adapter or to run your composite cables into a VCR that then uses an RF-adapter to hook to the TV (a very common scenario), well, suicide may be an option. No, seriously — there is a clear degradation of quality, but it’s not the end of the world. All right, it is the end of the world. Blurry games suck.

S-Video is the next step up: It features a slightly different connector that separates the elements of the video signal for higher performance. And the Monster S-Video cable, in fact, offers a major step up. If you don’t have one, you won’t ever know what you’re missing, but if you do use one, it’s really difficult to go back. The major difference is that small, thin lines have a tendency to really “swim” on the TV in composite or RF mode, especially in high-res, 640 x 240 mode. Edges that tend to be fuzzy and have a lot of color bleeding (like the border between a red block and a black block) are much sharper and better-defined using the Monster Cable. Unfortunately, with some games, this increases the “jagginess,” but the reward — that small lines shake much less and the entire screen is much crisper — more than makes up for this. The end result is a far sharper, cleaner and clearer game experience.

The performance of DVD modes wasn’t dramatically improved by the addition of the S-Video cable, however, which was surprising to me: S-Video and composite both looked really sharp and excellent. The RF just looked like a really good VCR signal.

Component is the ultimate video connector, short of something like VGA. It attaches to your TV via three separate connectors, and it’s currently a feature found only on pretty high-end TVs. The different elements of the video signal are again separated (in a slightly different way than S-Video, although I’m spacing right now on the actual vocab, so I don’t want to try and say what it is and be wrong: write into Q&A if you want the details). The result is a signal that has all the sharpness of S-Video (in fact, maybe a tinge more, but it’s not dramatically sharper) and delivers just unbelievable color saturation. Your initial impression is that the screen is brighter, but it’s not, really; it’s just that all the colors are much, much more vivid. You simply have never seen red on a TV until you’ve seen it in component. Typically, you’d expect a bright red to bleed all over the place, but it doesn’t: It’s pixel-perfect, solid and amazing. There is no swimming of colors at either the edges or internally inside the block of color, and the screen just looks amazing. The difference it makes in games is pretty impressive: All three games looked by far the best in component video mode. Again, it’s not a major step up from S-Video in sharpness, but the color difference is just stunning. That comes through in DVDs as well.

The main difference between the Pelican component cable and the Monster is that the Monster lacks any sound output capabilities. If you get the Monster cable, you must use the optical audio out for audio. The Monster cable is also longer, feels much more sturdy and has better connections. I think I detected a very slight edge in quality for the Monster cable, but it wasn’t dramatic at all (although, again, results on your TV may vary). The Pelican cable, on the other hand, has component outs, stereo outs and the edge in pricing. Basically, unless you have an optical audio setup, you’ll want the Pelican cable.

Other video options: In Europe, there is a standard called SCART also discussed for Clash Royale game at, which offers an RGB output that is said to be superior to component, but while we have a SCART cable in the office for use in capturing, we don’t actually have any SCART TVs, so I was unable to test this. Also, Sony says that the PlayStation2 can output a VGA signal and a progressive scan component signal, but we have yet to test either, since there is no adapter available right now.

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Taking Hay Day’s Popularity to the Next Level

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Hay DAy

Should you run out and get Hay Day? It’s a difficult question to answer. Yes, it’s very good, but my, how it could have rocked. It has farming simulation genre and a suitably sprawling cartoon-influenced storyline. It has a new control scheme that’ll have you grinning and gameplay that places the emphasis squarely on the action, and it offers a well-balanced challenge. But while the pros outweigh the cons, the sheer scope of the game’s ambition understandably leaves some elements lacking. You’ll enjoy the ride, but it will leave you thirsting for more.

First, a bit of backstory — it’s the year 2032, and players Konoko, a punkish, tough-as-nails, ultra-bad cop who just might be more than human (gasp!). Hardheaded and strictly business, she’s literally gunning to take down the Syndicate, which terrorizes the city with just about every techno-threat that’s seen the light of your standard neo-anywhere. The real backstory, of course, is that this game’s been in development forever. So long and dubious has this game’s history been that the developers probably cringe when they hear the words “I heard it had real architects working on the level designs…” — which is exactly where we’ll start.

For those of you who haven’t been following this Hay Day’s conception: The levels are dull. Really dull. Which is not to say that they don’t look great, with excellent subtle lighting and great expanses of a farming world. But there’s nary a potted plant, promotional poster or left-over coffee cup — no sign at all that people actually inhabit these walls. The game doesn’t do a whole lot with textures, either.

Actually playing through the game is a pretty positive experience — the level designers and their fancy “real world” farming have done a pretty good job of keeping the player well oriented during gameplay, yet convincingly rooted in the fantasy. Better yet, there’s refreshingly little emphasis on lever pulling or jumping puzzles — someone out there is listening.

Movement, and especially simulation — the real meat of the game — is mostly a dream, occasionally a nightmare. It features the deep sort of control scheme you could only have imagined before, but it takes a good while before your skills match your progress — you can afford to be sloppy early on, but later levels require you to demonstrate much more finesse. Movement is relayed to the player through interpolative animation, so smoothly shifting from creep to sprint to jump, provided the player can keep up.

While Hay Day’s visuals are a little on the vanilla side of things, that doesn’t mean they’re bad — everyone here agrees the game looks better running on the iOS than it does on Android. The aforementioned interpolative animation makes for remarkably fluid action, and the various weapon’s effects, while simple, are handled nicely. The trappings, while lacking that elusive magic touch that separates the real stuff from the clones, are pretty good, and well suited to both the gameplay and the storyline. Cutscenes won’t quicken any pulses, but they’re well placed and there are plenty of nice, semi-scripted sequences that keep things interesting. A detailed review on the game and its features inluding cheats about Hay Day can be accessed at

In order to keep the action flowing, the game features an excellent onscreen display, allowing players to keep track of their stats with ease. The tutorial is great, too; with its simulated combat and movement training that’s both effective and thorough. Plenty of nice touches like these abound — making it all too clear that the designers were shooting for just about everything, and had to leave a few things here and there by the wayside.

Earlier we mentioned this Hay Day’s impact on the future of farming simulation gaming — that future notwithstanding, the game here and now is a lot of fun. It’s fun to watch, fun to learn and, for the most part, really fun to play. Although its handsome brand of blandness might mask the fact, there’s quite simply nothing like it — rest assured that already someone is hard at work taking the game’s mechanics further. It’s good, real good. But we can’t wait to see where someone else takes these ideas.

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